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Free sustainability webinars

Watch our free sustainability webinars on YouTube. Topics include soil health, sustainable water and housing.

Every year the Grantham Scholars put on a series of free sustainability talks. For 2021 these were virtual events. Featuring experts from around the world with a range of knowledge, these webinars are a chance to explore the cutting edge of sustainability. Now all our sustainability webinars are on YouTube. If you’re looking for the SHEFF-Yield webinars then you can find them all on their website.

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Free sustainability Webinars 2021: soil health, fast fashion, bikes & more

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Soil biodiversity, farming and food. What Lies Beneath? The Hidden World That Feeds Our Planet.

Fast Fashion: Global Icon, Climate Killer. Experts discuss problems with fast fashion and sustainable solutions.

Experts from community groups, academia and finance discuss sustainable housing. How can we enable sustainable innovation in the UK housing supply?

Biking back to work. Transport needs to become more sustainable – so what stops people from biking? This webinar looks at barriers to biking – and solutions to them.

Biking back to work: Progress towards cycle access for everyone

What are the barriers that different groups face to cycling to work? And what steps can be taken to address these?

Speakers: Darren Hardwick, Sustainable Travel Manager at the University of Sheffield. Pete Zanzottera is an Active Travel Project Director for the Sheffield City Region. And Matt Cox and Beth Grylls from Birmingham Bike Foundry.

Grantham Scholars organised this event. If you want to find out more about their research, then follow the links to their project page: Peter Tuckett and Remy Veness.

How can we enable sustainable innovation in the UK housing supply?

This webinar will explore innovation in the housing sector. Presenters will speak about projects that promote innovation in housing provision. Following this will be a Q&A discussion.

Speakers for this event represent a wide range of expertise in housing. We have Claude Hendrickson (among other things, Claude is an accredited community led housing adviser working across Leeds and West Yorkshire). Also, we have Tim Crabtree, whose main focus is the Raise the Roof project. And with them is Kat Quigley a Social Investment Manager for Nationwide Building Society.

Grantham Scholars organised this event. If you want to find out more about their research, then follow the links to their project page: Charles Gillott, Philippa Hughes, Will Mihkelson, Abraham Mariech

Practical Organic Growing: Beyond not using chemicals

Join Anton Rosenfeld from Garden Organic to learn about growing organically.

Organic growing considers not just the plant you are growing, but how it interacts with the soil, its surroundings and the wider environment.

This event was organised by Jana Green and the Grantham Centre’s Green Impact SHEFF-Yield team.

What lies beneath? The hidden world in soil that feeds our planet

At this event, we’ll hear from a range of experts about the importance of soil biodiversity and its role in food security. Our speakers work across the globe on research, policy and implementation. They’ll cover the latest research, including how soil biodiversity-friendly agricultural techniques are already being used successfully.

There’s another great panel for this event. For example, Rosa Cuevas Corona, from FAO Global Soil Partnership. And joining her is Dr Sunita Sangar, Independent Research Consultant. Finally, Zachary Barton from the Kamala Foundation.

Grantham Scholars organised this event. If you want to find out more about their research, then follow the links to their project page: Mary Eliza, Oscar Morton, Dharma Sapkota, Jocelyn Sze, Mengyuan Qian

Fast Fashion: Global Icon, Climate Killer

At this event we will focus on the climate impact of the fast fashion industry, the market value of which was $36 billion in 2019. Over 1 million tonnes of textiles and clothing are discarded annually, 70% of which end up in landfill when more than half is still reusable. Because of the size of the industry and the scope of its impact on sustainability, it is necessary to engage in proactive and meaningful conversation about this problem.

Speakers for this event: Professor Sandy Black of the University of the Arts London and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion. And Dr Mark Sumner of the University of Leeds who has extensive industrial experience within a global giant and who spearheaded their sustainable initiative.

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