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Watch: Clean power and climate activism talks available online

Free videos on clean power and climate activism now online. A team of experts was put together by our Grantham Scholars to discuss issues around clean power and climate activism. 

These panel debates are now available to watch on the Grantham Centre YouTube channel. And we include a more info and links below.

In 2020 we put on a new season of seminars, all organised by the Grantham Scholars. They brought together varied experts to discuss fast fashion, soil health, green transport and more. You can find out more about these webinars 2020 and get links here.

Acting Together Against Climate Change

Grantham Scholars Emma Stevens, Sally Faulkner and Anton Eriksson organised this debate. It looked at the public and climate change. How can the public fight climate change? Should they? If so, how can experts help them?

The panel

Acting Together Against Climate Change brought together a range of experts. Tracy Carty from Oxfam. Dr Alix Dietzel from the University of Bristol. David Midgley from Zero Carbon Yorkshire. A Dr Anna Watson from Friends of the Earth.

The discussion was chaired by Grantham supervisor Dr Matthew Cotton. Matthew is from the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at TUoS.

Climate action at the Grantham Centre

If you want to find out more about research into climate action, then look at SDG 13 Climate Action. Here you’ll find information about all our projects that work towards a sustainable climate.

Clean Power for All

Clean Power for All was organised by Grantham Scholars Katie Sumner, Oleksandra Korychenska and Guy Mayneord.


Richard Turner from SolarAid. He explains how SolarAid helps develop a renewable energy market in Africa. Richard Collins from Sheffield Renewables also spoke. And the event Chair was Grantham Scholar Daniel Casey.

Clean energy at the Grantham Centre

You can find out more about clean energy on our research page: SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy. Also, you might be interested in our interview with clean energy expert Reena Sayani. How to make sustainable energy for all.

Find the Grantham Centre on YouTube

Our YouTube channel has videos on a range of sustainability issues. Plus there are films about our special projects, such as our work at Zaatari refugee camp.

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