2D metal-organic nanosheets for membrane-based water purifications

Grantham Scholar Jiangtian Tan’s project looks at improving the performances of water purification membranes.

The project

Global water shortage, caused by rapid population growth, climate change and water pollution, has become an increasingly serious problem. Water purification membranes can be used to selectively remove pollutants from polluted water and produce clean drinking water. However, most of the existing membranes have limited water purification performances and often suffer from a trade-off problem between permeability and selectivity. My project will focus on using 2D Metal-organic nanosheets to improve the performances of those membranes.

In 2023, Jiangtian was awarded Grantham Opportunities funding which he used to study the applications of an emerging class of porous two-dimensional materials named “metal-organic nanosheets (MONs)” in gas separation membranes. You can read more about this here.

Research groups

Jiangtian Tan works in the Foster Group, Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield.


Free sustainability webinars. Jiangtian was part of a group who organised the Water For Everyone webinar. Created as part of our ongoing public engagement, it is on of a playlist of Grantham Scholar webinars available on YouTube.

Social Media

You can find Jiangtian on Twitter.