SDG 2 Zero Hunger

icon for SDG 2 Zero HungerIn order to live within planetary boundaries we must meet the targets set out by the UN in SDG 2 Zero Hunger.

The Grantham Centre works towards this Goal through Grantham Scholar projects as well as policy and engagement activities.

Grantham Centre work focuses on 7 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. You can find more information about this work here.

Rachael Rothman who gave evidence about plastic waste to EFRA

South Yorkshire Sustainability Centre: Interview with Rachael Rothman

Our director Professor Rachael Rothman is the director of the new South Yorkshire Sustainability Centre. This groundbreaking centre will work across South Yorkshire on a range of sustainability issues, from an evidence-based multidisciplinary perspective. Both universities in Sheffield and all the region’s local authorities are part of the centre.

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