Co-creating sustainable solutions in Zaatari

We work with academics, experts and refugees co-creating sustainable solutions to life at the Zaatari refugee camp.

Together they recycle materials from the camp to create home improvements and agricultural innovations. Old mattresses, bikes and yogurt pots have all found new life here. So far they have created hydroponic systems, air conditioning, and wheelchairs. 

Spin off projects from the camp have included the Desert Garden appeal and the People’s PPE. One of the first outcomes of the People’s PPE project was a video explaining how to make a 2-layer face mask from a t-shirt.

Find out more about the Grantham Centre at Zaatari in this video ↓

New project: The People's PPE

Zaatari hydroponics published in Nature

PEOPLE: Moaed Al Meselmani

History of the project

Used mattresses and bikes pile up at the refugee camp

Old bikes into new solutions


Refugees creating a hydroponic system from yogurt pots

Growing food in old mattresses

Plans for a sustainable future