SDG 15 Life on Land

The aim of SDG 15 Life on Land is to sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, and halt biodiversity loss.

Grantham Scholar projects tackle SDG 15 Life on Land from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Hedgehogs, ecosophy & extinction accounting – Mira Lieberman interview. New ideas – like ecosophy and extinction accounting – could help protect hedgehogs and other lifeforms at risk of extinction. Find out how in this interview with Grantham Scholar Mira Lieberman.

Why we shouldn’t ban wildlife trade: interview with Oscar Morton. Many people assume that a ban on wildlife trade would be good for biodiversity. But it’s not that simple. We spoke to Grantham Scholar Oscar Morton to find out why we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about wildlife trade – and the devastating implications for people, biodiversity and ecosystems if we do.

For the love of plants: Maria Wang Mei Hua. Grantham Scholar Maria Wang Mei Hua loves plants – and researches rubber, sustainability and agroforestry. In this interview we talk about that love, and how it feeds into her work.

Grantham Scholar Dharma Sapkota researches wildfires, biodiversity and carbon emission in tropical and subtropical forests.

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