SDG 2 Zero Hunger

The aim of SDG 2 Zero Hunger is to end hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

The Grantham Centre supports multiple research projects that work towards SDG 2 Zero Hunger. But we have a special focus on sustainable agriculture.

SDG 2 Zero Hunger: news, blogs and interviews from our sustainability researchers

Food security and food justice: blog series. A series of blogs by Grantham Scholar Jonas Cromwell who researches food waste in East African farms.

Meet the earthworm CSI. Grantham Scholar Joe Llanos researches how soil health – and so food security – can be helped by earthworms.

Nicole Kennard research fellowship in Parliament. Grantham Scholar Nicole Kennard completes fellowship at the POST with parliamentary briefing on pesticides, health and post-Brexit regulation.

George Asiamah, who has written a chapter on pro-poor development for Springer
George Asiamah is one of many Grantham Scholars who works on food and sustainability.

Brexit, food and science. Our George Asiamah’s project is on the effect that Brexit will have on food security and food quality. We interviewed him to find out more.

Sustainability and social protection: interview. Cecilie Dyngeland was one of the first Grantham Scholars with her project on small-scale farmers in Brazil. Later we funded Cecilie on one of the largest studies on the sustainability implications of social protection.

Foodhall: Sheffield community hub responds to food shortages. During the pandemic, food access became difficult for many people. Two Grantham Scholars – Philippa Hughes and Nicole Kennard – volunteered at a community kitchen that provided meals across Sheffield.

Fighting for phosphorus and food security by Niall Bradshaw. Grantham Scholar Niall Bradshaw explores the use of human waste as a sustainable fertiliser. In this blog, he explains the threat of finite phosphate reserves to food security.

Soil research at the Grantham Centre

Soil health is a vital part of SDG 2 Zero Hunger, and we bring together experts from across disciplines to work on it.

You can find out more at Soil research at the Grantham Centre.

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