Many Happy Returns: reusable plastic packaging

We aim to enable reusable packaging systems and so reduce the need for single-use plastic.  By now, the need for a change in the way that we think about plastics is well established. For example, in the UK alone plastic waste from single-use packaging amounts to an estimated 2.3 million tonnes pa. Importantly it’s not just the waste that’s a problem – but the waste of a valuable resource such as plastic. We believe that reusable packaging systems could address these issues in accordance with the UK Plastics Pact.

Building on Plastics: Redefining Single-Use Many Happy Returns seeks to enable reusable packaging systems. MHR will do this both by providing research and by connecting up academia with stakeholders in industry and policy.  This £1 million pounds project is funded by UKRI. You can find out more this funding award here.

Want to know more about plastic? Our experts worked with Clear On Plastics, a campaign from WRAP, on a series of videos about the history of single-use plastic ↓


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