Vibhuti Patel who has published on food production and consumption

Vibhuti Patel 5th Grantham Scholar in Springer’s SDG Encyclopedia

Vibhuti Patel is the 5th Grantham Scholar to be published in Springer’s SDG encyclopaedia with a chapter about the ethics of food production and consumption.

Springer’s Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals consists of 17 volumes, each volume focused on one SDG. This is an important attempt to fill a gap in research knowledge about the SDGs.

Ethics of Food Production and Consumption

Vibhuti Patel’s chapter Ethics of Food Production and Consumption appears in the Zero Hunger volume. As the title suggests, this chapter looks at the ethical issues around food. And this builds on her research at the Grantham Centre, which is about encouraging reduced meat consumption. Part of her work looks at the role of social norms in eating behaviour.

On writing this chapter Vibhuti says: ‘This chapter is important because we all love food! We eat multiple times every day, we savour different flavours and find comfort in our favourites. Yet, when there is food in front of us, it is unusual for us to think beyond its tastiness or price.

‘However, different individuals, communities, and entities (e.g. human, animal, and environment) are involved and impacted at every stage of food production, often in ways we are not made aware of and that may be considered unethical.

‘Therefore, it is important to consider ethics when making decisions about the foods we eat, so that we can choose foods that both nourish us and align with our values.’

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