Soil research at the Grantham Centre

Grantham Centre soil researchers come from across disciplines at the University of Sheffield to work on soil. From chemistry to social sciences, working all around the world, we have a diverse group of soil experts. All this builds on a long history of soil science at the Grantham Centre – our people were at the famous 2015 COP21 (where the Paris Agreement was signed) to ring the bell about an impending disaster for soil.

Here you can find information about all our soil research and outreach. You’ll find publications, webinars and blogs our people have created over the years. If this inspires you to stay in touch then why not join our newsletter?

Soil research webinar: what lies beneath?

In 2021, Grantham Scholars brought together a fantastic panel of soil experts for a webinar on soil health, including Rosa Poch from the FAO (introducing the State of Knowledge of Soil Biodiversity report). Watch the video here ↓

Soil scientist goes to COP26

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Blog: soils are entities, not properties

How algal fertilisers can help soil - Emanga Alobwede

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Green Impact soil webinars

Our experts provide evidence to UK parliament on soil

Soil researchers at the Grantham Centre