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SHEFF-Yield: grow your own food with Green Impact

27th November 20206:00pm

Fancy growing your own food but don’t know where to start? Then you might want to check out SHEFF-Yield. SHEFF-Yield is a Grantham Centre Green Impact project. The project aims to teach the Sheffield community how to grow food at home.

Introduction to hydroponics – webinar

SHEFF-Yield are hosting their first webinar, which is all about hydroponics, a soil-less way of growing food. In this free talk Grantham Scholar Harry Wright will share some of his knowledge about hydroponics. You can find more info and free tickets here.

SHEFF-Yield more information

The Grantham Centre’s administrator Jana Kalalova is the project lead.

Joining Jana is a group of Grantham Scholars: Manasi Mulay, Mary Eliza, Phebe Bonilla Prado and Mira Lieberman. They also have 2 student volunteers, Esme Butler Davies and Elly Bolton.

You can find more information on the SHEFF-Yield website.

And Harry Wright has written a blog about soil-less growing. Read: Who Needs Soil Anyway?