POSTnote: environmentally sustainable agriculture

Grantham Centre colleagues contribute to POSTnote: Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture

Samuel Leigh (POST Fellow for Energy and Environment in Houses of Parliament) visits the Grantham Centre to discuss POSTnote on environmentally sustainable agriculture.

After meeting some Grantham Scholars, Samuel interviewed our experts in the area. Included were Jonathan Leake and Duncan Cameron, who both supervise Scholars.

POSTnote: Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture

The result of Samuel’s work was the POSTnote Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture which explores the environment and food security in the UK. It looks at land management options, policies and constraints with an eye on the effect of changes to trade because of Brexit. And it summarises various problems caused by current agricultural practices, such as reduced water quality, degraded soils and biodiversity loss.

If you want to explore soil and agriculture in more detail, then check out our special soil research page.

More on our work with POST

We’ve got a long history of working with POST and contributing to POSTnotes. Most of this work has been directed by Centre Manager Deborah Beck. Topics covered by our experts include soil health and plastic food packaging. Read: Our experts give evidence on soil and plastic to Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

In 2021 Grantham Scholar Nicole Kennard became a POST Fellow. The major output of this work was a POSTbrief: Pesticides and human health. You can find our more here: Nicole Kennard research fellowship in Parliament.

Main photo by Mark Stebnicki from Pexels.