How does the mining sector impact on Peruvian communities through its influence on migration?

Sally Faulkner

This project intends to examine the social changes in households and communities in the Peruvian Andes and Amazon as a result of the migration that occurs due to the pull of the mining industry. There is a particular focus on how miners have attempted to integrate into their new mining communities and how they maintain links with home. The project also aims to shed light understand how the illegal status of some miners impacts on these social relationships, and if and how these realities are reflected in local and national policy.

This project is part of the Acting Together Against Climate Change interdisciplinary scholarship network.


Sally wrote about her fieldwork in Peruvian mining towns for International Women’s Day. In the blog she asks if men and women can do the same ethnographic fieldwork. Read: Danger in the Market Place: Achieving Gender Equality in Social Research.


Dr Tom Goodfellow

Department of Urban Studies and Planning