Firth Court, where the Grantham Centre Annual Symposium takes place

Symposium 2022: Towards climate justice

At our yearly Symposium we showcase sustainability research at the University of Sheffield. Grantham Scholars present their research alongside academics and experts from across TUoS. Plus we invite special guests to talk about the year in sustainability.

For this year’s Symposium we asked the Grantham Scholars to choose the theme – and they decided on climate justice. Guided by this choice, Centre Manager Deborah Beck created a diverse programme of speakers.

Grantham Scholars at the Symposium

3 Grantham Scholars at our Annual Symposium.
Grantham Scholars enjoying the Symposium 2022.

Kristin Bash, who during the pandemic paused her PhD and went back into public health, spoke about sustainable food. She said we know the current food system is not fit for purpose.

And Charles Gillott spoke about his work into vertical extensions. Charles was part of a team who looked at what vertical extension could do for housing provision and found it could be a solution to the housing crisis. But Charles also explained the issues around vertical provision, such as people not wanting people living above them.

Jocelyne Sze, Maria Wang Mei Hua and Ella Hubbard introduced their guide for PhDs to decolonise research.

After their intro, they had a conversation with our director Rachael Rothman about how the Grantham Centre will work to incorporate an awareness of issues about colonialism in our work.

Other speakers

Hita Unnikrishnan
Hita Unnikrishnan spoke about energy and justice.

We had events on different aspects of climate justice. In the morning one of the sessions was Renewable Energy and Energy Justice: Towards Recognizing Intersectional Vulnerabilities. Hita Unnikrishnan (Newton International Fellow, Urban Institute) was one of the speakers. She said that energy access and water access are both colonial and justice issues.

And Ambreen Waheed (Founder, Responsible Behavior Institute) explained some of the injustices in relation to supply chains.

More info

For full coverage of the Symposium 2022, you can check out this Twitter thread. If you want details of our speakers, they’re all on a dedicated Google Site.

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The main images shows the Symposium under way at Firth Court, The University of Sheffield.