Fulbright and Gilman Scholars visit the Grantham Centre

This summer we were delighted to work with Global Engagement to host 25 Gilman Scholars and 58 Fulbright Scholars for a climate change themed conference.

Climate change themed conference

A group of Grantham Scholars spent a few days with the American students, including Nicole Kennard who gave a presentation of her work.

Plus our co-directors – Rachael Rothman and Tony Ryan – led sessions about sustainability and COP26 style debates.

Grantham Scholars

Our researchers, the Grantham Scholars, conduct sustainability research across disciplines at the University of Sheffield. We asked 2 of them to share what their impressions of the Gilman and Fulbright Scholar event.

Su Natasha Mohamad

Su Natasha
Grantham Scholar Su Natasha Mohamad.

Being a Grantham Scholar is a true privilege. Events such as the Fulbright/Gilman widen my knowledge of sustainability and give me the opportunity to network with new people.

It’s amazing to bond with other scholars who come from different backgrounds yet share a keen interest in environmental care. All in all, it has been a continuum of fun.

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Teresa Tete’ Mausse

Tete' MausseThe Gilman/Fulbright-Grantham event was an opportunity for me to mind map diverse ideas and solutions with a group of vibrant global thinkers.

These and various other developmental and networking opportunities earmark the academic and career charms of being a Grantham scholar

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Sophia van Mourik

Sophia van Mourik in a lab coat holding a teddy bear cake
Grantham Scholar Sophia van Mourik.

The Gilman/Fulbright event introduced me to so many new amazing researchers.

A big topic of conversation was how points of view vary across topics, cultures and community.

As a sustainable researcher this is important for me to understand so I can properly talk about the work me and my colleagues are doing.

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Gilman Scholars

Gilman Scholars are students – often from low income backgrounds – who have been awarded funding by the US government to study abroad.

Fulbright Scholars

Fulbright Scholars are postgraduate students and academics who have been awarded scholarships to study or research in the UK.

The student scholarships are extremely prestigious. Sheffield has one Fulbright Masters student each year.

The main image shows Grantham Scholar Nicole Kennard on the left and Rachael Rothman on the right. Many thanks to the Global Engagement team for sharing their photos of the day.