The green Brexit transition: An evaluation of farmer policy concerns during the post-Brexit agri-environmental policy transition

Grantham Scholar Rachel Lasko researches the policy concerns of farmers post-Brexit in light of climate change.

The project

As the UK navigates the post-Brexit policy transition period, the agriculture industry is expected to be at the forefront of policy overhaul and change. For the first time in over 30 years, each of the four UK nations can independently restructure their nation’s agri-environmental schemes, policies, and regulations.

For England, Defra has decided that EU policies will be replaced by three different environmental land management schemes (ELMS). These ELMS are set to be co-designed with farmers and other relevant members of the public to create policies that align the agriculture sector to the environmental goals set out in the 25-Year Plan and Net Zero by 2050.

It is critical to understand farmer concerns about the new green transition because they will be the pioneers of new policies and responsible for implementing the changes required to lower carbon emissions and restore biodiversity. As the side effects of climate change continue to grow, it will be important to ensure that farmers have the tools to farm in extreme weather conditions and elongated periods of drought.


Professor Charlotte Burns

Department of Politics and International Relations