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Food security and food justice: blog series by Jonas Cromwell

Grantham Scholar Jonas Cromwell has written a series of blogs on food security and food justice.

Jonas is based in the Department of Geography at the University of Sheffield. He researches how food produced by farmers in East Africa becomes waste and how/if waste is being re-integrated into food systems.

Blogs about food security and food justice

Food Waste – is it a problem? When we talk about food waste, we think about what we throw into the bin. But food waste is bigger than that. In this article, Jonas considers food waste to include any food item meant for human consumption, which is discarded as waste.

Food Poverty: A Looming Crisis In The UK? In this blog Jonas looks at food poverty in the UK and assesses the data on food insecurity and the causes of food poverty.

Food Waste Recovery Strategies: From Scavenging to the Plate and the Ethical Dilemmas. This blog looks at the ‘paradox’ of food waste. Some charities fight food waste by using it to feed the poor.

More from Jonas Cromwell

Grantham Scholars, food waste & Food Works. Eunice Oppon and Jonas worked on a Defra funded food waste project. Together they created an approach that considers the social impact of food redistribution and the resource value of food.

Tales from the Global South at the Festival of Social Sciences. Jonas gave a special story-telling presentation about avocados at Tales from the Global South. This talk gave an insight into the avocado market and livelihoods in Tanzania.

Let’s reduce food waste in schools. Grantham Scholars – Jonas Cromwell, Gloria Mensah, Ye Jiang, and Eunice Oppon – went to Anne Grove Primary School to try help reduce food waste.

Eating insects and feeding 10 billion: TUoS alumni at the Royal Society by Jonas Cromwell. In 2016 Jonas Cromwell went along to the University of Sheffield alumni event at the Royal Society, where he ate insects and learned about feeding 10 billion. Here Jonas fills us in on what he learned.


The main image shows Jonas working to reduce food waste at a local school, with Grantham Scholar Eunice Oppon.