Postgrad awards 2022: photos of Jocelyne Sze and Vibhuti Patel who are both shortlisted

Postgrad awards 2022: Grantham Scholars shortlisted

Grantham Scholars Jocelyne Sze and Vibhuti Patel both shortlisted in the Postgrad Awards 2022! 

We’re all delighted for Jocelyne and Vibhuti who, as well as being Grantham Scholars, are PhDs in the Departments of Biosciences and Psychology.

Jocelyne and her group are shortlisted for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Postgraduate Student Diversity’ for their decolonisation and sustainability research.

And Vibhuti is shortlisted in the ‘PhD Student of the Year’ category!

2022 Postgrad Awards

Winners get £500, an international platform to showcase their commitment to postgraduate study, and recognition from their academic communities. If you want to find out more then you can look at the 2022 Postgrad Award website.

Jocelyne and Vibhuti

Both Jocelyne and Vibhuti have done a lot of amazing research and outreach as well as taking part in the Grantham Scholar’s training programme. Follow the links if you want to find out more.

Multidisciplinary knowledge exchange and cake. Every so often the Grantham Scholars get together to present their research to each other – and eat cake. In 2022, Vibhuti spoke about her research on reduced meat diets.

Vibhuti Patel 5th Grantham Scholar in Springer’s SDG Encyclopedia with a chapter on the ethics of food production and consumption.

Grantham Scholars join Sheffield children in environmental crisis protest. Grantham Scholars – including Vibhuti – joined hundreds of children to protest.

Paper: Indigenous lands protect forests. Congratulations to Jocelyne Sze on the publication of her paper on Indigenous lands, protected areas and deforestation in the tropics. The paper appears in Nature Sustainability and is the 1st paper from Jocelyne’s PhD.

Free sustainability webinars. Jocelyne and her group created What lies beneath? The hidden world in soil that feeds our planet which is now free to watch on YouTube.