plastic recycling Panorama

Our Sarah Greenwood talks plastic recycling on Panorama

It was great to see Many Happy Return’s Sarah Greenwood talk about plastic recycling on BBC Panorama.  

On the program Sarah explained why some types of plastic are so hard to recycle. Flexible plastic packaging, used in things like crisp packets, often have layers of plastic and other materials. These layers make them hard wearing and flexible. But it also makes attempts to recycle them complicated.

You can watch Sarah talk plastic recycling on Panorama on the BBC iPlayer. Recycling: Where Does My Rubbish Go?

More on plastic packaging at the Grantham Centre

If you want to find out more about Sarah’s work at the Grantham Centre, then check out our Many Happy Returns project page. Many Happy Returns aims to enable reusable packaging systems and so reduce the need for single-use plastic.

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