Grantham Centre annual report

Grantham Centre annual reports

Discover the amazing sustainability research of the Grantham Scholars and our team. Learn where our alumni go when they leave us. And see how our special projects at Zaatari refugee camp and in reducing plastic waste have progressed. 

Annual report 2020: Our People and the Pandemic

Our People and the Pandemic reports on Grantham Centre activities 2020-21 with a focus on our people.

During the pandemic many had to focus on surviving, but others were able to respond. Like Grantham Scholars Philippa Hughes and Nicole Kennard who worked for a food charity throughout lockdown. Or Rohit Chakraborty who measured air pollution changes. Our Kristin Bash paused her PhD and went back into public health. And they weren’t alone.

Read Our People and the Pandemic free online to find out what our people did during the pandemic.

Grantham Centre annual report 2019: The Story Continues

The Grantham Centre annual report 2019 The Story Continues focuses on how Grantham Scholars past and present are doing. We find out where are alumni go, and talk to them about how being a Grantham Scholar has got them where they are.

It also includes an update on our special plastics project (more on that project here).

Read The Story Continues.

Grantham Centre annual report 2018: The Story So Far

The Story So Far explains where the Grantham Centre is and how we got here.

In this 5 year review we show how the Grantham Scholars programme creates the sustainability leaders of the future and embeds sustainability across the University of Sheffield.

Plus we demonstrate our progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Read The Story So Far for free online here.