Green Party’s Natalie Bennett praises research at the Grantham Centre

The leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett meets with researchers from the Grantham Centre.

Natalie Bennett, who has a scientific background, praised the diversity of the research projects at the Grantham Centre. She said: “It’s really good and the discussions I have had with students have been fascinating.

“It was also good to hear how the PhD students have a multi-disciplinary approach to their research bringing together science, economics and the social aspect. It’s so important that we do a lot more of that.”

Thought-provoking discussions

Professor Colin Osborne, Associate Director, explained why the visit was important. “It was great for the Grantham Centre team to be able to share with Natalie Bennett the work we are doing to address some of the biggest environmental and political issues facing the UK, and the planet as a whole. Her scientific background led to some thought-provoking discussions with our Grantham Scholars and sustainability researchers.”

Practical solutions

Professor Peter Horton FRS, Associate Director talked about the Grantham Centre’s ethos. “We are committed to finding practical solutions to the toughest global challenges, such as how to provide enough sources of energy and nutritious food for a growing worldwide population. We want to engage with political leaders and policy makers at every level, to help bring about the changes necessary for us all to secure a sustainable future.”

The Grantham Centre launched in 2014 thanks to a £2.6m donation from alumnus Jeremy Grantham.

More from Natalie Bennett at the Grantham Centre

Symposium 2019: policy, protest and SDGs. For 2019 the Grantham Centre Symposium focused on the SDGs, policy and protest. Plus we held a panel debate with expert speakers, including Natalie Bennett.

The main image shows Natalie Bennett with P3 Project Leader Professor Duncan Cameron, Grantham Centre Associate Director Professor Colin Osborne and Grantham Industry Engagement Fellow Richard Bruce.

Edited by Claire Moran.