Claire Moran

Claire Moran

Communications Officer

Claire Moran is our lead in communications.

Claire manages our website, creates all our content and runs our social media. This involves a lot of technical knowledge and strategy, but her top priority is showcasing the incredible research here at the Grantham Centre. As part of this, she works with the Grantham Scholars to help them communicate their work. In order to best do this, she is currently interviewing them one by one. If you want to read some of those interviews, then you can check them out here.

Holding an MA in Social Anthropology from the University of Manchester, Claire is interested in how the climate crisis and biodiversity crisis affect specific places. Before joining us, Claire worked at Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park, and Sussex University. She also does freelance work in communications management and content creation.

Some of Claire’s favourite things are trees, birds and books. You can find Claire on Twitter, where she covers all our news. Alongside this, she writes about general environmental stories, #scicomm and her freelance work.

You can connect with Claire Moran on LinkedIn.

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