Claire Moran

Claire Moran

Grantham Centre Communications Officer

Claire Moran manages all the Grantham Centre’s communication channels, including the website and social media.

Claire manages our website, creates all our content and runs our social media. This involves a lot of technical knowledge and strategy, but her priority is to showcase the incredible research here at the Grantham Centre. As part of this, she works with the Grantham Scholars to help them communicate their work.

Holding an MA in Social Anthropology from the University of Manchester, Claire is interested in how the climate crisis and biodiversity crisis affect specific places. Before joining us, Claire worked at the University of Manchester, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park, and Sussex University.

Claire is also a freelance communications trainer, and specialises in the basics of story telling for research dissemination.

More from Claire Moran

Claire has created an interview series with the Grantham Scholars. Each interview looks at the research the Scholar is doing, how it links with sustainability and what drew them to their work. Here are a few of the interviews, if you want to read more, then you can check them out here.

George Asiamah, who has written a chapter on pro-poor development for Springer
George Asiamah is one of the many Grantham Scholars Claire has interviewed. 

Disability, housing and sustainability: Interview with Abraham Mariech. Grantham Scholar Abraham Mariech researches disability, housing and sustainability in Kenya, where he was born and grew up.

COP26 observer interview: Maria Wang Mei Hua. COP26 observer Maria Wang Mei Hua tells us her hopes and fears for COP26 – and why we need people to speak truth to power.

How to make sustainable energy for all: interview with Reena Sayani. How can we make sustainable energy for all? Are mini-grids the answer? These are the questions Grantham Scholar Reena Sayani is hoping to answer with her research.

Brexit, food & science: Interview with George Asiamah. In this interview with George we talk ‘chlorinated chicken’ and other impacts on the quality of the food. Plus George explains how growing up in rural Ghana got him interested in Brexit.

Social media

You can find Claire on Twitter, where she covers all our news. Alongside this, she writes about general environmental stories, #scicomm and her freelance work.

You can connect with Claire Moran on LinkedIn.

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