Grantham Centre and the SDGs. Natalie Bennett and other speakers at our symposium

Symposium 2019: policy, protest and SDGs

16th November 20198:30am

For 2019 the Grantham Centre Symposium focused on the SDGs, policy and protest. Plus we held a panel debate with expert speakers, including Natalie Bennett.

Grantham Centre, policy protest and SDGs

2019 was a year of headline-grabbing environmental protest. From Extinction Rebellion bringing London to a standstill, to the School Strikes sweeping the globe and catapulting Greta Thunberg into the international spotlight.

But what is the use of protest? Does it do any good? Are policies ever changed because of protest? These points and more will be discussed during our panel debate.

Panel for the debate

Our special panel debated ‘from policy to protest: strategies for a sustainable future’. In order to explore these topics from different perspectives, we have gathered a diverse panel of experts.

Recently appointed to the House of Lords Natalie Bennett led the Green Party for 4 years and continues full time political work. With a focus on the North and the Midlands, she is dedicated to the anti-fracking movement. Natalie has been an active policy worker on issues ranging from supporting the SDGs to single-use plastics.

Colin Davis is a member of Extinction Rebellion – an international apolitical network that advocates non-violent direct action. He is also a Professor in Cognitive Psychology. His research focuses on human perception. Special areas of interest are reading, speech perception and production, memory and social awareness.

Michael Jacobs is an environmental economist whose research focuses on shifts in economic thought and policy. Michael was the head of the Fabian Society and special adviser to the Prime Minister. In the run up to the Paris climate conference he worked as an adviser on international climate change strategy for the UN, national governments, NGOs and philanthropic foundations.

Speakers: Sustainable Development Goals

In order to provide a diverse set of opinion, our speakers are a mix of Grantham Centre experts and outside speakers. Because the SDGs are at the heart of Grantham Centre research – and vital to global sustainability – our speakers will showcase their research in light of the SDGs.

Dr Rachael Rothman: Chemical and Biological Engineering & Associate Director of the Grantham Centre
Maria Wang: Animal and Plant Sciences & Grantham Scholar
Dr Thorunn Helgason: Biology, University of York
Florentine Weber: Geography & Grantham Scholar
Dr Sam Caton: School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR)
George Coiley: Politics & Grantham Scholar
Tom Davies: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology & Grantham Scholar
Nicole Kennard: Chemistry and Grantham Scholar
Rob Hardie: Geography & Grantham Scholar