Emanga Alobwede on BBC Horizon

Emanga Alobwede on BBC’s Horizon

It was a thrill to see Grantham Scholar Dr Emanga Alobwede on BBC Horizon: Feast to Save the Planet.

Horizon: Feast to Save the Planet explored the environmental impact of different diets. And Emanga offered her expertise on reducing our reliance on synthetic fertilisers and improving degraded soils using algae.

You can find out more about Emanga’s project at the Grantham Centre here.

Watch Emanga Alobwede on BBC’s Horizon

You can watch the programme on BBC iPlayer for a limited time. And you can keep up to date with Emanga through her Twitter.

More from Emanga

The advantages of algae as biofertilisers in agriculture by Emanga Alobwede. In this blog, Emanga introduces the benefits to sustainability of using algae as biofertilisers in agriculture.

Synthetic ecology for algal cultivation by Emanga Alobwede. Emanga discusses synthetic ecology, which may be a more sustainable way to grow algae for biofuels.

Soil Association comes to Grantham Centre: the fight to save soil. In 2015, Emanga Alobwede and Angesh Anupam organised an event about soil at the Grantham Centre. Building UK’s Soils featured experts from the Soil Association.

Review: A Safe Operating Space For Humanity by Emanga Alobwede. Emanga and the Grantham Scholars review the controversial but widely cited paper A Safe Operating Space For Humanity.

Soil research at the Grantham Centre

Grantham Centre soil researchers come from across disciplines at the University of Sheffield to work on soil. From chemistry to social sciences, working all around the world, we have a diverse group of soil experts. Our people were at the famous 2015 COP21 (where the Paris Agreement was signed) to ring the bell about an impending disaster for soil.

Find out more about soil research at the Grantham Centre.

Emanga Alobwede on BBC Horizon getting love on social media

We loved this post on Twitter about Emanga. It’s from the awesome Stemettes who work to show girls do STEM too ↓