Chevening: supporting the development of the world’s future decision makers

Chevening Scholars come to the Grantham Centre to met Grantham Scholars and talk about a sustainable future.

The Grantham Centre is proud to be part of Chevening‘s initiative to support the development of the world’s future decision-makers. Chevening is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and organisations (including the University of Sheffield). Alumni of this scheme include presidents, policymakers, business leaders and scientists.

Grantham Scholars talk sustainable futures with at Chevening Scholars

The Grantham Centre hosted a ‘sustainable futures’ workshop for Chevening Scholars. Forty Chevening Scholars attended, from universities all over the UK and nations on every continent.

Grantham Scholars Kaisa Pietilä, Joe Llanos, Florentine Weber and Amy Crum led discussions on what a sustainable future might look like. They looked at who should take responsibility for this future. Plus they considered how technological, social and cultural change can deliver food and energy sustainability.

After the discussion, our director Tony Ryan talked about the lifecycle of plastic. And then our associate director and Colin Osborne showed scholars the environmental cost of meat.

Finally, the day ended with a discussion about the responsibility of historically wealthy nations to reduce their natural resource consumption. Included were ideas about the rights of less-developed nations to increase their energy use. And they looked at strategies for increasing food security for the poorest.

Chris Charamba, Social Media Ambassador for Chevening, wrote an article about this event. So if you want to find out more, you can read it here.

The main image shows Chevening Scholar group and Grantham Scholars.