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We’re in a race for life, says Jeremy Grantham

Jeremy Grantham tells University of Sheffield graduates in the USA that we’re in a ‘race for life’. 

Jeremy Grantham - who is giving more of his net worth to climate change action
Jeremy Grantham: ‘we’re in a race for life’.

The University has 4,000 alumni living and working in America. At an event for alumni in Boston in 2018, Jeremy Grantham was the main speaker. Grantham’s foundation funds the Grantham Centre.

In a speech which outlined the need for urgent change to grow food and live sustainably, Jeremy Grantham described the environmental challenges which drive the work of the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment. Grantham said we’re in a ‘race for life’ because we’re at risk of making our planet hostile to life itself.

Our director Professor Tony Ryan also spoke to alumni about the Grantham Scholars’ work across disciplines, policy and industry to secure positive change.

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