SDG 15 Life On Land

In order to live within planetary boundaries we must meet the targets set out by the UN in SDG 15 Life On Land.

The Grantham Centre works towards this Goal through Grantham Scholar projects as well as policy and engagement activities. You can search our pages to see which Scholars work on this SDG.

Grantham Centre work focuses on 7 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. You can find more information about this work here. We also post relevant news about the SDGs on our news feed.

NEW PAPER: Applying ecosystem services for pre-market environmental risk assessments of regulated stressors

Grantham supervisor Lorraine Maltby is co-author of this new article about ecosystem services. The paper discusses ecosystem services (ES), which are the benefits that people obtain from ecosystems. Investigating the environment through an ES framework has gained wide acceptance in the scientific community. Policymakers use it to protect biodiversity and […]

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