Mira is an early career researcher and activist

Grantham Scholar POSTnote on financial risks of nature loss

Grantham Scholar Mira Lieberman and her supervisor Prof Jill Atkins contribute to a POSTnote on financial risks and nature loss. Jill also spoke at the launch event for the POSTnote.

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) is UK parliament’s in-house research service, which provides impartial summaries of scientific evidence to inform policy issues. They publish summaries (POSTnotes) on a wide range of subjects

Financial Risks of Nature Loss

The POSTnote Financial Risks of Nature Loss reviews understanding of nature-related financial risks and impacts. Also, it summarises the opportunities and limits of biodiversity disclosure frameworks. And it outlines additional mechanisms to align finance with national and global targets for nature recovery.

You can read Financial Risks of Nature Loss here.

Launch event

The POSTnote was launched at an event sponsored by the British Ecological Society. You can find a summary of the talks, including Jill’s, on the POST website.

More about finance and nature

Dr Mira Lieberman is now a postdoc research assistant for the head of CRAFiC.

At the Grantham Centre Mira researched the implementation of extinction accounting in the agrochemical industry through an ecolinguistic framework. If you want to find out more about the links between the finance sector and sustainability then you can read our interview with Mira.

Hedgehogs, ecosophy & extinction accounting: Mira Lieberman interview. New ideas – like ecosophy and extinction accounting – could help protect hedgehogs. Find out how in this interview with Grantham Scholar Mira Lieberman.

Policy work at the Grantham Centre

Our Centre Manager Deborah Beck takes a lead on inquiries and consultations for the Grantham Centre. As such, she informed Mira and Jill about the opportunity to contribute to this POSTnote and put them in touch with the note’s author.

Many of our people have contributed to POSTnotes and a few Grantham Scholars have worked at POST. You can find out more about this and other policy work here: policy at the Grantham Centre.