panel on panel food and climate change at COP21

COP21 panel on climate-smart food system: slides from speakers

At COP21 the Grantham Centre and the Worldwide Universities Network hosted a panel discussion that brought together scientists and social scientists to look at adapting the global food system as a result of climate change.

The event was called ‘What are the research challenges associated with developing a climate-smart agri-food system?’ It followed the publication of the Grantham Centre’s briefing note on the unfolding global crisis of soil loss.

Lead author Professor Duncan Cameron was one of the speakers at yesterday’s discussion, which was chaired by Grantham Centre Director, Tony Ryan.

Panel on food and climate change

tim-thumbProfessor Tim Benton 

UK Champion for Global Food Security
University of Leeds


steve-thumbProfessor Steve Long FRS 

Institute of Genomic Biology
University of Illinois


duncan-thumb Professor Duncan Cameron

P3 / Animal and Plant Sciences
The University of Sheffield


debra-thumbProfessor Debra Davidson 

Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
University of Alberta


michelle-thumbProfessor Michelle Holdsworth 

School of Health and Related Research
The University of Sheffield