Examining energy pipe water

Examining the energy performance associated with typical pipe unit head loss thresholds

Grantham Supervisor, and member of our Management Board, Dr Vanessa Speight introduces her work examining energy, water, and pipes. 

Examining the energy performance associated with typical pipe unit head loss thresholds

Vanessa Speight who has published on energy performance of pipes
Prof Vanessa Speight

My paper examines the relationship between water and energy. Specifically, in drinking water distribution systems at the individual pipe level.

Traditionally, pipes are evaluated for replacement or rehabilitation by calculating head loss due to friction. However, considering the energy performance of each pipe across multiple metrics – e.g. energy delivered to users and net energy efficiency – could provide a more holistic view. And this would allow us to better decide which pipes should be targeted for intervention across a distribution system.

Given that drinking water distribution accounts for a significant use of energy and resulting greenhouse gas emission, energy considerations should be included in pipe replacement and rehabilitation planning.

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Examining the Energy Performance Associated With Typical Pipe Unit Head Loss Thresholds is published in Journal AWWA.

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Edited by Claire Moran. Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels.