what is a synchrotron? Martin Appleby at the Diamond synchrotron. Martin has published on light activated chemicals and water

4th Grantham Scholar in Springer’s Encyclopedia of the UN SDGs

Martin Appleby becomes the 4th Grantham Scholar to be published by Springer. His chapter for Springer is on light activated chemicals and water purification. 

Springer’s Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals consists of 17 volumes, each volume focused on one SDG. This is an important attempt to fill a gap in research knowledge about the SDGs. As such, we’re delighted that four Grantham Scholars have been included in it.

Photocatalytic Processes for Water Treatment

This time, it’s Martin Appleby. He has written a chapter, alongside members of his group, for SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation for All.

Martin’s chapter reviews current research on using light-activated compounds in water purification. Specifically, he looks at the advantages and disadvantages of this new type of treatment. And also how it can go from lab-based research to being used by people on a daily basis.

The treatment uses light activated chemicals known as photosensitisers or photocatalysts to harness energy from the sun. Then this energy is used to produce reactive oxygen species which can kill microorganisms contaminating water. While still a new treatment, the review explores how it could be used and delivered to people all over the world. Additionally, Martin looks at what researchers need to focus on to make this happen.

If you want to hear more from Martin, then you can check out his blog on water use.

Other Grantham Scholars in Springer’s Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Other Grantham Scholars have written chapters in Springer’s Encyclopedia. To find out more follow the links below.

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Nicole Kennard wrote 2 chapters, both for Volume 2: Zero Hunger. Find out more: Grantham Scholar published in Springer’s Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

George Asiamah is in the No Poverty volume. There’s more info here: Pro-Poor Development Strategies chapter from Grantham Scholar published by Springer