The Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures is home to a community of Grantham Scholars. These talented PhD students are working on innovative sustainability projects across science, engineering and social science. They are studying climate change to help us work out how we can reduce its impacts, plant and soil science to find ways of improving agriculture worldwide, and the social, cultural and political forces that shape our relationships with food and energy.

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Grantham Scholars Training Programme

Alongside their research, Grantham Scholars take part in our groundbreaking training programme so they can learn how to turn academic ideas into evidence-based action on sustainability. Together with the other Grantham Scholars , they can can learn about the worlds of academia, politics and business, and how they connect. They get chances to interact with policymakers and business leaders, organise events, and share the messages of sustainability with the public.

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Each year, we recruit Grantham Scholars who combine outstanding intellect with a strong commitment to public engagement, leadership and action. If these principles match your ambitions, you are invited to apply for one of our interdisciplinary PhD research projects to help solve the challenges of sustainability.

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