Methods@Sheffield in progress, as Grantham Scholar Liang talks about Alana's method.

Methods@Sheffield: Grantham Centre training

Methods@Sheffield is part of the Grantham Centre training programme. Over a few days, Grantham Scholars produce and listen to presentations about varied research methods. It promotes the multidisciplinary perspective needed for a sustainable future. 

What happens

Methods@Sheffield is an introduction to methodologies used across the Grantham Centre. Over a few days Grantham Scholars talk and discuss these different methodologies.

However, we don’t get Scholars to present their own work, but another Scholar’s – and who works in a different field. So a psychology researcher might present on a chemical engineer’s work. As a result, the Grantham Scholars get used to thinking in a multidisciplinary way.

During these presentations Scholars describe the methodology and its current uses. Plus they show key research findings using the methodology. Lastly, they identify local experts in the area.

After each presentation, a Grantham supervisor leads a discussion. As a group, Grantham Scholars talk about how methodologies are used and some of the challenges and the strengths they bring.

Mahdi explains Cameron's method to a group of Grantham Scholars.
Mahdi Ahmed explains Cameron Colclough‘s method to a group of Grantham Scholars. Photo by Jana Green.

Multidisciplinary research is key for a sustainable future

At the Grantham Centre we believe that expertise from across disciplines is vital for a sustainable future.

Even more important is that people with different types of knowledge work together on research. As a result of multidisciplinary work, unforeseen and undesirable results are less likely.

Also, new forms of knowledge are created in the meeting of different perspectives.

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What Methods@Sheffield gives Grantham Scholars

We know Methods@Sheffield is challenging. But its results are worth it.

Our people learn how to discuss their work outside of their field. And they develop ways of explaining the approach that everyone can follow. Plus they get to see all of the presentations from across their cohort, giving them insights into what the Grantham Scholars are working on.

The main image shows Methods@Sheffield in progress, as Grantham Scholar Liang Kong talks about Alana Barlow‘s method. Photo by Jana Green.