NEW PAPER: Circular economy fertilization

Grantham Scholar Emanga Alobwede has published her first paper! The paper is called ‘Circular economy fertilization: Testing micro and macro algal species as soil improvers and nutrient sources for crop production in greenhouse and field conditions’. It examines circular economy fertilisation, which are important to sustainability because circular economies can improve the sustainability of many systems. In this case, the system is agriculture.

Nutrient losses from agricultural land to freshwater and marine environments contribute to eutrophication. And this can cause the growth of algal blooms.

However, the potential benefits of recycling this algal biomass back to agricultural land for soil quality and crop nutrition in a “circular-economy” has received little attention.

This paper tested the effects of algal additions to arable soil in greenhouse-grown garden peas, and field plots of spring wheat, on plant growth and nutrition and physical and chemical properties of the soil.

Read the full paper here.