Duncan Cameron

Professor Duncan Cameron

Chair in Environmental Sustainability

Duncan Cameron was until recently Professor of Plant and Soil Biology in the Department of Biosciences at the University of Sheffield and Director of the Institute for Sustainable Food. He now works at the University of Manchester. 

Find out more about Duncan’s work at the Grantham Centre

Catastrophe Garden. A film about Duncan’s work at the Zaatari refugee camp. Produced as part of the Pioneers Film Fund in association with planetSHINE – a special initiative to inspire creative filmmakers to come together and shine a light on one of humanity’s biggest questions: what is the future of our food.

Co-creating sustainable solutions in Zaatari. Duncan works with academics, experts and refugees co-creating sustainable solutions to life at the Zaatari refugee camp.

Soil research at the Grantham Centre. Duncan is one of many people with links to the Grantham Centre who does work on soil and sustainability.

  • Co-creating sustainable solutions in Zaatari
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