Gold Green Award

Green Impact Gold for the Grantham Centre!

We’re all so proud of our Green Impact team for getting a Gold Award!

The Grantham Centre team is led by our Centre Administrator Jana Green. They had two projects, SHEFF-Yield and University Online Marketplace. Jana worked with Grantham Scholars from across disciplines, including: Manasi Mulay, Caterina Cosmopolis del Carpio, Mira Lieberman, Phebe Linette Bonilla Prado, Florentine Weber and Eliza Mary. Joining them were Elly and Esme who are also studying at TUoS.

Green Impact Gold for SHEFF-Yield

SHEFF-Yield is a program to encourage people in Sheffield to grow their own food. In order to do this, the team have put on a series of webinars. Included so far have been webinars on hydroponics and organic gardening. Several Grantham Scholars and team members have taken part in the webinars, sharing their specialised knowledge with a wider audience.

If you want to come along and see a webinar, then look at the SHEFF-Yield website for more info.

More on our Green Impact team

My experience with Green Impact by Jana Green. Team leader Jana Green wrote a blog about her experiences with Green impact. In it, she explains how her team’s projects became gold-award-winning successes.

Green Impact at The University of Sheffield

Across the University of Sheffield 22 Green Impact teams have worked to engage their departments with sustainability. Overall, TUoS took 8 Bronze, 8 Silver, 4 Gold and 2 Platinum awards.

More competitions and prizes at the Grantham Centre

IChemE Hutchison Medal for our Many Happy Returns team. Congratulations to the Many Happy Returns team for their IChemE Hutchison Medal! The team won for their paper on reuse.

Grantham Scholars win YES finance prize. Congratulations to Grantham Scholars Reena Sayani and Nancy Muringai for winning the YES finance prize.

Hyperpartisan News Detection Challenge won by Grantham Scholar. Hyperpartisan News Detection Challenge 1st prize won by GATE team. Congratulations to Grantham Scholar Ye Jiang who was part of the winning team!

Grantham Scholar Matt Hethcoat wins prize. Congratulations to Grantham Scholar Matt Hethcoat for winning a prize at the Joint Meeting of the Society for Tropical Ecology and the British Ecological Society.

Grantham Scholar wins chemistry prize. Congratulations to Grantham Scholar Eleanor O’Doherty! She has won an award at the Imagine Chemistry 2019 Nouryon challenge.

Our Roberta Fabrizi wins prize for poster. Grantham Scholar Roberta Fabrizi wins prize for poster at showcase of cutting-edge research for PhDs.

Image by Johannes Plenio.