Chris Tyas is the new Director of DEFRA supply chain war room

Grantham Ambassador appointed DEFRA Director of Food Supplies

In response to problems created by people stockpiling food DEFRA (Department
for Environment Food & Rural Affairs) have created a new role – the Director of Food Supplies.

The Director will lead a ‘war room’ to resolve issues around supply and demand in grocery stores in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Chris Tyas has been appointed to that role.

Chris has been associated with the University of Sheffield for some time. He is both an advisor on global supply chains and food issues through his role as an Ambassador for the Grantham Centre. And he is a visiting Professor in the Management School.

Our Chief Business Advisor, Richard Bruce gave the following comment about the appointment:

“I have known and worked with Chris for several years. I first met him in his capacity as Senior Vice President and Head of Global Supply Chain operations for Nestlé SA. And I continued our working relationship when he was Chair of GS1, the UK arm of the Global Standards body.

I congratulated him on this appointment, to which he responded that commiserations were probably more appropriate. But he added ‘… we have to give what we can give.'”