Grantham Scholar comment, interviews and blogs

Our sustainability researchers – the Grantham Scholars – are an exceptional group of people. They work across disciplines and throughout the world. They are dedicated to the environment and act as expert activists. Together with the Grantham Centre team, they work hard to create a sustainable future.

This page is your chance to hear directly from them. In interviews, blogs and articles, here the Grantham Scholars share their expertise and enthusiasm with the world.

Interviews with Grantham Scholars
Our researchers are an amazing lot. Keep on reading to find interviews with those pictured above. From top left: Gloria Mensah, George Asiamah, Joe Llanos; from bottom left: Nicole Kennard, Rukayya Ibrahim Muazu and Ling Min Tan.

If you want to find out more about their projects, you can also check out our Grantham Scholar project pages.

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