Britain under-reports plastic packaging use

Britain under-reports plastic use, according to Fresh Produce Journal.

The piece reports that Green Alliance senior policy advisor, Libby Peake, told an Efra Select Committee that the UK has the highest reporting threshold in Europe on plastic producers. As a result, businesses are allowed to make up to 50 tonnes of plastic packaging without reporting figures.

Our packaging consultant Sarah Greenwood is quoted in the piece, stressing the importance of plastic as a resource.

Sarah Greenwood - Britain under-reports plastic use
Sarah Greenwood

“Plastic is really valuable we’re just not managing it properly… It’s all about the supply chain that we choose to use and the choice we have. Tesco aren’t going to sell unpackaged dill their waste figures would be enormous if they did that. The waste figures would go through the roof it’s the same with bagged salad.”

If you want to read the full article on how Britain under-reports plastic use then look here.

Sarah Greenwood is part of our Many Happy Returns team. MHR looks at ways to enable packaging reuse and so reduce the waste of materials like plastic. You can find out more on our project page. And if you want to find out more about Sarah, then you can look at her profile page.