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Rachael Rothman on Deborah Meaden’s The Big Green Money Show

Our director and member of Many Happy Returns Prof Rachael Rothman talks plastics to Deborah Meaden on The Big Green Money Show. 

Rachael appeared on the season finale episode: Tackling Plastics and Greenwashing.

The podcast is hosted by Dragon’s Den investor Deborah Meaden and 5Live’s Felicity Hannah. It promises to help listeners make ‘the best and greenest use of our money and to find out how businesses are lowering their impact on the planet’.

Tackling Plastics and Greenwashing: The Big Green Money Show

The episode covers a big range of plastic and sustainability issues.

First up, Rachael and the hosts talk about plastic milk bottles vs glass ones, and Rachael explains how generally glass is better.

Plus Rachael explains why there’s no point trying to sneak things into your recycling that councils don’t want.

And she talks about the risks of greenwashing when it comes to compostable or bioplastics.

Other topics covered include eco bricks, crisp packets, bags for life different types of recycling and the importance of reuse.

You can find a link to the show here.

More on the topics covered on The Big Green Money Show

You can find out more about why reuse is generally better than recycling on the Many Happy Returns project page.

And you can find out about our work on glass vs plastic milk bottles.

Plus our team produced advice on the different types of bioplastics.

More on Rachael Rothman

Our director Professor Rachael Rothman is the director of the new South Yorkshire Sustainability Centre. This groundbreaking centre will work across South Yorkshire on a range of sustainability issues, from an evidence-based multidisciplinary perspective.

IChemE Hutchison Medal for our Many Happy Returns team. Rachael and the team from Many Happy Returns win prestigious award in 2022.

Our co-director speaks about plastic waste to EFRA committee. In 2022 Rachael gave evidence to an EFRA committee about plastic waste.

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