EU Sustainable Energy Week visitors on TUoS campus.

Visitors explore our research for EU Sustainable Energy Week

The Grantham Centre takes visitors on a guided tour of TUoS campus as part of EU Sustainable Energy Week.

The Sustainable Energy Walking Tour was organised by the Grantham Centre and Energy2050.

As part of the tour for EU Sustainable Energy Week, Grantham Research Fellow Christian Unger took visitors to the University’s roof top solar farm, anaerobic digestion lab and battery lab.

The facilities demonstrate some of the research taking place in Sheffield to solve sustainability challenges.

More about the Grantham Centre

About the Grantham Centre. Find out all about the multidisciplinary sustainability work that we do.

Grantham Scholars and sustainable energy

A number of Grantham Scholars research sustainable energy.

How to make sustainable energy for all. Reena Sayani researches mini-grids. We found out all about her work in this interview with her.

And Saeed Mohammed Wazed is developing a solar-powered pump. This pump is for agricultural use and will improve income, food and energy security in developing countries.

Katie Sumner is examining the consequences of the decentralisation of energy production for local energy demand.

Meanwhile, Teng Zhang is investigating the energy efficiency of electrically powered public transport.

The main image shows visitors at the Solar Farm at the University of Sheffield as part of EU Sustainable Energy Week.

Edited by Claire Moran.