International Women’s Day 2018

Solid Liberal and GOP Congressman being civil to one another
Theresa Nelson meeting GOP Congressman

Despite being told there was no point in ‘talking to the enemy’, Grantham Scholar Theresa Nelson got time with a Republican Congressman to discuss renewable energy. And she left with renewed faith in democracy. Read about it here

Can men and women do the same fieldwork? Grantham Scholar Sally Faulkner, who conducted nine months of research in Peruvian mining towns, believes they can’t. Read more here

Ling Min Tan writes about how women in STEM need to believe in themselves. This is a rousing call to arms that reads like a poem. Read it here 

‘The women students who we are training to fight for our planet’s future need to see other women blazing a trail and to have their own voices heard.’ Claire Moran, our Communications Officer, spoke at the Women@TUoS AGM about the amazing work the women of the GCSF do. Find out more here

Looking for more info on gender and sustainability? Grantham Scholar Monica Ortiz wrote about gender, climate change and food security here