Biodiversity, the economy and public policy

The contemporary global economic crisis and environmental crisis are intimately related. Yet the existing political economy literature has little to say about the relationship between the economy and biodiversity. Currently, the planet is experiencing the sixth – but the first human induced – wave of mass extinction, which will have a detrimental effect on our economies and our way of life.

The loss of biodiversity needs to be examined through a wide lens, which is why a political economy perspective is necessary. This research will reflect on one core research question: What are the factors that influence public policy decisions affecting biodiversity loss? In doing so, this project aims to shed light on the political-economic processes of both causing biodiversity loss as well as tackling it.

Kaisa’s research is based in the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute. 

Developing new ways of thinking about the economic impact of environmental change is at the heart of the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute’s (SPERI) mission as a research centre. By focusing on ‘green growth’ and ecological political economy, this studentship forms an important part of SPERI’s ongoing research agenda around the relationships between politics, the economy and environmental change.

Kaisa Pietila


Professor Rosaleen Duffy

Professor of International Politics


Professor Colin Hay

Co-Director SPERI