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A resilient UK food system: POSTnote by Grantham Scholar

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of resilience in the UK food system. One of our Grantham Scholars has been working on a summary of issues that affect UK food resilience for POST. 

POST is parliament’s in-house source of analysis of public-policy issues. Their focus is public-policy issues related to science and technology, but they publish summaries on a wide range of subjects. These summaries of public policy issues are called POSTnotes.

Grantham Scholar Joe Llanos has been working with POST for the last few months. His time there was funded by N8 Agrifood.

Joe has written a blog about his time with POST and you can read that here.

A resilient UK food system

While at POST Joe has been examining resilience in the UK food sector. His POSTnote defines resilience and explains why it is needed. The note shows what a more resilient UK food system could look like and explores possible ways of achieving it. You can find out about Joe’s POSTnote on the POST website including a link for a free download.

Joe spoke to a number of experts for this POSTnote, including Peter Jackson from The Institute for Sustainable Food at the University of Sheffield and Lenny Koh from Energy Institute at the University of Sheffield.

The Grantham Centre has worked with POST on other POSTnotes. Find out more about them here.