zaatari camp hydroponics being made

Grantham Centre experts published in Nature

Grantham Centre experts write about our project in the Zaatari refugee camp for Nature.

In Zaatari, Centre Director Tony Ryan works with academics, experts and refugees. Together they co-create sustainable solutions to life in a refugee camp. One of these solutions is the Desert Garden. This is a unique hydroponics system that allows refugees to grow food and recycles materials available in the camp.

Moaed is one of the Grantham Centre experts in this Nature article.
Moaed Al Meselmani a Researcher at The University of Sheffield and the project manager of the hydroponic systems in Zaatari.

Dr Moaed Al Meselmani – a researcher at The University of Sheffield and Desert Garden project manager – wrote the article for Nature along with other Grantham Centre experts. These include Grantham Scholar Harry Wright, Tony Ryan and Duncan Cameron from the Institute for Sustainable Food.

The article describes how the Desert Garden program turned the dual two problems of the inability to grow fresh fruits and vegetables in desert refugee camps and a warehouse of unrecyclable foam mattresses into a humanitarian solution. This solution was a hydroponic system that uses the mattresses as a growing medium.

You can read the paper here.

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