Dr Moaed Al Meselmani

Dr Moaed Ali Al Meselmani

Refugees and sustainability

Moaed Al Meselmani is a Researcher at The University of Sheffield and the project manager of the hydroponic systems in Zaatari. Part of the project since its early days, Moaed ensures the success of co-creation at the camp.

He is a project management professional, with a PhD in Plant Physiology. Moaed – who is Syrian – also shares a first language with many camp residents. Moaed has so far organised hydroponics training for 600+ refugees.

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More about our work at Zaatari

Catastrophe Garden. A film about Moaed’s work at the Zaatari refugee camp. Produced as part of the Pioneers Film Fund in association with planetSHINE – a special initiative to inspire creative filmmakers to come together and shine a light on one of humanity’s biggest questions: what is the future of our food.

The University of Sheffield’s Institute for Sustainable Food Desert Garden appeal.

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  • Co-creating sustainable solutions in Zaatari
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