Plastics: Redefining Single-Use – The First Big Meet Up

Our £1 million pound UKRI funded plastics project got off to a flying start. Our 2 day stakeholder event at the wonderful Sheffield City Hall people to meet up for the first time and talk single-use plastic.

Academics alone won’t find the answers to plastic waste. Because of this we have created a large team of stakeholders. They represent the local, national and international angles of plastics’ issues – from EYEYE a Sheffield optician, to Nomad Foods, who work across the world, and WRAP.

Stakeholders mixed with 37 academics from across all faculties, Professional Service colleagues, the Student Union and catering services. This holistic approach is vital if we want to transform plastic use.

This 2 day meeting of minds created a high-energy atmosphere and generated some fantastic ideas and innovations from the get go. We captured them through #RedefiningSingleUse on Twitter:







Tweets about the event attracted the attention of local dairy farm owner, Eddie from Our Cow Molly. Inspired by the idea of reducing plastic, Eddie knocked up a prototype. This metal container could massively reduce the need for plastic in milk deliveries to the University’s cafes:









We will do a mini case study with Our Cow Molly to explore making TUoS milk supply to cafes totally plastic free.


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