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NEW PAPER: electronic waste and circular economy by Lenny Koh

Grantham supervisor Professor Lenny Koh co-authors paper on the problem of electronic waste.

The electric waste problem

Lenny Koh has published on electronic waste
Professor Lenny Koh.

Electronic waste is the fastest growing category of hazardous solid waste in the world. And by throwing away our electronics we’re wasting huge amounts of valuable resources.

In a new paper from Lenny Koh, a number of approaches are considered to deal with electronic waste. One much needed aspect is international collaboration and economic incentives that protect labour. Alongside this we need management approaches that minimize adverse impacts on the environment and human health.

If you want to read Circular economy and electronic waste in Nature Electronics then look here.

More from Professor Lenny Koh

Professor Lenny Koh is a Chair Professor in Operations Management at The University of Sheffield.

Lenny supervises Grantham Scholar Eunice Oppon. Eunice researches the sustainability of enhanced rock weathering by measuring economic, environmental and social impacts.

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Reducing waste at the Grantham Centre

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