Tony Ryan in his lab

Listen to the scientists

Our Director Tony Ryan explains why a new paper by Peter Horton and Ben Horton vindicates Greta Thunberg and Extincton Rebellion’s calls to listen to the scientists.

Why evidence vindicates the Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg by Grantham Centre Director Tony Ryan

“I’m currently teaching a new Chemistry in a Sustainable Future course to 1st year undergraduates and I’ve recommended they read Re-defining Sustainability: Living in Harmony with Life on Earth. In this paper Peter and Ben Horton lay out the scientific consensus behind Greta Thunberg’s message ‘listen to the scientists’.

The paper builds on scientific evidence to challenge the widely held human-centric view that we have the right to exploit everything on Earth. In doing so the Hortons present a vision that vindicates the ambitions of Extinction Rebellion.

We in the Grantham Centre challenge the belief that sustainability can be delivered through exploiting nature in a smarter way and controlling it better. Because we need to live in harmony with all life on Earth by respecting the land, the oceans, and the atmosphere from which everything we hold dear derives.”

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