COP26 observer Charles Gillott photograph in black and white.

Charles Gillott on Institution of Structural Engineers’ sustainability map

Grantham Scholar Charles Gillott‘s work on vertical extension included in the Institution of Structural Engineers’ Sustainability Resource Map.

The Institution of Structural Engineer’s have set up a group to help the profession to tackle climate breakdown. This Climate Emergency Task Group produces an end of year report that highlights progress made within engineering to tackle climate breakdown.

Institution of Structural Engineers’ Sustainability Resource Map

Part of the 2021 report is a Sustainability Resource Map which has over 170 links to guidance on different topics. The map is aimed at practising structural engineers. The hope is that they will use the map as a point of reference when they’re working on low-carbon projects.

Vertical extension

Institution Structural Engineers Sustainability Map
A fraction of the map. If you want to go to the full map then click on the image.

Vertical extension is one example of a low-carbon strategy and is the focus of Charles’ research.

Included in the map is Charles’ recent blog about vertical extensions. This blog outlines 8 vertical extension examples in the UK and Ireland and discusses a few features of each.

Read: 8 vertical extensions you should know about by Charles Gillott.

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In this interview with Philippa Hughes we talk about community-led housing. She explains what it is and how it exposes sustainability problems in the housing sector. If you want to find out more then read: What is community-led housing?

Charles went to COP26 as an official observer for the University of Sheffield. We spoke to him before he went about the connections between the built environment and sustainability. He explains why we need to train engineers to reuse buildings and create policy to enforce a circular economy. Read: COP26 observer interview: Charles Gillott.